Acclaimed artist, music and writer Wolffie just published his first book. A Cane for Cuffs.

He does a lot of things and you might consider him an art person extraordinaire. It is too many things by Wolffie have to do them. It is a compulsion.

It is primarily a BDSM erotica now – twisted, bordering on the surreal, skirting the fairy tale yet realistic, often ironic or humorous, hardcore and steaming hot loaded with kaleidoscopic images. Yet there is an undercurrent of deeper meaning and twist gems to be found by discerning reader. It reflect Wolffie life pretty well

Well-traveled and old enough Wolffie is at the moment locked in a rock and hard place and writing and art provide an addition outlet.

Rumors that Wolff is crazy switch might have some grounds but are mostly unfounded – especially the part about craziness. (And no, English is not Wolffie’s first language)

Wolffie can be found at Mydungeonspace,where he moderates, Fetlife, Youtube and BDSMLibrary.


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