Swirly, Swirly – SWIRLS!

Opus Svirlum Svilrarum.

Nikita asked to explain the obsession with ‘swirls’. How do you explain swirls? How do you explain a painting?

Well . . .”‘Swirls” is my painting.   I did almost twenty years ago.  It is unfinished in one sense; it is more than overdone in another. It represents a swirling jumble (or a sophisticated and subtle natural pattern) of motifs and themes I was fond of and explored in other painting/drawings too.

“Swirls” attempts the impossible: to put on paper the evolving, swirling style of the imaginary I associate with some types of music. It is not possible since music is fleeting. It exists only WITHIN the dimension of time, one fleeting moment after another. Yet, it is eternal, it lasts forever. Music is series of quantums.

One frozen moment after another… yes, “Swirls” is mostly about rhythm, although there are some melody themes in it too.

Here it is:


Swirls – ink, acrylic and crayons on paper.

(clicky for biggie)

Recently I put some music numbers together.  I do not call them songs.  Ambient is closest to what they seem to be, although they change and swirl too much for real ambient music.  In addition, they are too emotionally charged – it is hoped –to be just ambient pieces.  But, ambient (or sound-scape) is the closest I can come to describing what they are.

They are a combination of rhythm patterns with samples and loops.  I played some of it, the rest is selected randomness played by machines.  I just lord it over to some point.

I went on exploring one rhythm pattern, combining it with different patches and genres –and it became Swirls 1, Swirls 2, and Swirls 3….  And I am sure that more lurk around the corner.

At first, I just needed some visuals to accompany the strange music I was creating and the “Swirls” painting came in handy.  Do not tell anybody.  Actually, it is well thought out conceptual continuity.  It was an adaptation of the clip I made for the White Rabbit Culture performance in Belgrade. And it is somehow related to Igra Staklenih Perli (Glass Beads Game)

But they DO have a lot in common with the “Swirls” painting, a fluctuating rhythm pattern and coming back to taste its own tail….  Ouroboros-like.

The first “Swirls” features Sarah McLachlan’s voice and some voices from a composition by Giorgio Liggetti (I hope he does not sue me :)) and other, more arcane ones.

The sound quality deteriorated in transfer to Youtube – I’ve yet to figure out why. It is a version 2.3.  One of MANY I made.  Decisions, decisions.

A second number became “Pyramid Swirls.”  Do not take pyramids thing TOO seriously although it is a worthy subject.  Pyramid Swirls is more angular and more . . .  up to a point.   By a looooooooong stretch, I might call it pop-ish.  It is certainly related to the music of Can.  The rhythm is Dominant but not domineering.    🙂

and the third one is Far Away Circus Swirls – you can read all about it HERE.


~ by Wolffie on June 21, 2011.

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