Concerning Carpets

Concerning carpets:

Audio flying ambient installation, created in march 2011. and it is all about conceptual carpets, mostly old, traditional ones from these parts but some from Persia too.  The ever unfolding patterns of sitting flying. the looove.

Music: Basic track recorded by ISP trio, Belgrade, Jan. 2011. Remixed and edited by Wolff. With bonus carpets – FLY ON!
Drak – keyboards, bass, loops, theme
Zoran Lakić – keyboards
Pej Wolff – percussion, samples, loops

Audio leteća instatalacija snimljena Januara 2011. u Beogradu. ISP trio. remix i editing= Wolff, sa ponudom ćiilima za prevoz.

(c) ISP and Wolffwerks



~ by Wolffie on May 3, 2011.

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