Cane for Cuffs strike again

She was sprinting like a whirlwind, her ruddy ponytail whipping the damp air of Altiplano wildly.  Random bursts of vibrating energy from the egg embedded in her pussy spurred her on.  Red strings tightly laced through the six rings in her labia held it in.

Her white blouse was out and her plain skirt was flying, flashing the morning crowd with her naked bum, white thighs, and, the tied-up, juice-smeared pussy.  At the moment, she did not care.  All she wanted to do was win the race. Alpha was on her way to her Master

She weaved through the jostling crowd.  She jumped from driveway to sidewalk and back again, muttering absentminded ‘sorrys’ in three languages when she bumped into someone.

Pushing her way around the rickshaws and palanquins, she jumped over four wheeled slutmobiles, dived between snake charmer’s naked slaves and the lady wearing the neon brimmed hat and flew on.  She was on her way to her Master.

All the slut-traffic lights were green for her as always.  She was on her way to her Master.

Alpha skidded by the whirring slutmobile.  It tilted on one wheel and spun, causing the angry rider to swing at her with his riding crop.  His slut pedaled desperately.

She jumped to the side and ran into a herd of furniture.  The girls scattered, entangling themselves in leashes and rope corrals.  More angry shouting and whip cracking followed, this time from the dark skinned furniture herdsman.

Merrily, Alpha swerved into a narrow alley, jumping over smoking puddles and avoiding waking meth junkies.  She almost fell over the angry bum as the egg announced its arousing presence again.  Nevertheless, she flew on, knowing her sister-bitch competitor would never use such a shortcut.  She was on her way to her Master.

Her goal – the phallic building of ‘Dom’s Way’ Enterprises – rose forbiddingly from the empty Dom plaza.  It loomed huge and unfocused by the smog over the downtown bustle.

A flotilla of flashing, life-like Flying Slut blimps spread from the glistening spire just as the fleet of running subs converged towards it.

Windmills of the City of Agharti kept turning.

She is actually on her way to  completely re-edited, re-written version of Wolffie’s collection of stories: Cane for Cuffs. t it is all hard hitting, explicit, lingering and concentrated, hot and personal stories for the One. Stories range from serious psychological scenes to phantasmagorias and fantasy spoofs.

And it is very irreverent. Not even Dominants are spared from jabs. But is mostly about submissives… they get all the fun.

This collection of stories can be ordered from Lulu both as an e-book and paperback. And now you can bet a Halloween discount: just enter the  code TRICK305 and you get 25% off the cover price!

original cover



~ by Wolffie on October 28, 2010.

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