The Door Space: Full Moon

September  equinox was on the 23 rd the center of the Sun being in the same plane as the Earth’s  equator. (It’s autumnal equinox for us with Northern sphere bias.)

And it coincided, more or less with the full moon.

The days are shorter, the darkness advances. We’ve sailed into the Dark of the Year. And yet that dark is a promise of light to come. In that dark the other light shines ever more brightly. It might even be that we are blinded by this inner light of things and so, we do not see that there is no dark side really…

That is the time when The Door open and the Ancient Powers (who were here before, and will be here after us) come over and dance their dance, as They always do, inviting us over…

And, therefore here is a sound/video installation celebrating the Opening of the Door:

(it is  HQ. If it does not run smoothly on Youtube lower the bit rate there)

Main samples come from:

White Rabbit Culture:  Before the End

And Zoran Lakic: A.U.Ex

Some heath vibes

And more….

Fractal  Art by Jock Cooper

Excerpts from Dune by David Lynch

And more…

Wolff added to it all, mixed, twisted, talked

The results is neither of the artwork used, but something more, hopefully, new and different, as it should be. A personal view.

(it is related to Igra Staklenih Perli/The Glass Beads Game, but it is not)

Play loud and enjoy.


~ by Wolffie on September 25, 2010.

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